Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Zoo & Birth Certificate Nightmare

Every second Tuesday of the month, the Oregon Zoo has $2 admission.  I took E with me and we met up with my friend Tina and her baby, C who is a month older.  She was born October 3rd.  It was a fantastic day.  Because we got there early, there wasn't much of a crowd.  And the BEST part was being able to see the cute baby elephant who was born in July or August last year.  He was so cute!!  It was a sunny day, which is a rare occasion in the Pacific Northwest in the winter, and E & C acted like moles, squinting their eyes and trying to hide from the sun.  I had found a pair of sunglasses for 99 cents at Gymboree a couple weeks ago, so E was stylin' in her shades.  I hope the weather is nice and sunny for next month's $2 Tuesday!

Yesterday, I met Janet & her baby, R (born September 30th) in downtown Hillsboro so we could pick up or babies' birth certificates.  Apparently, Meridian Park hospital is not in Washington County.  It's in Clackamas County.  It would have been nice if someone had told me this at the hospital.  All was not lost.  Janet had R at St. Vincent's, which is in Washington County, and we walked around downtown Hillsboro, which is very cute and quaint, unlike downtown Tigard, which is ugly, drab and inhospitable.  We ate at this super-cute tea house, where the decor reminded me of an old excentric woman.  There used to be a restaurant in Tigard called Pair au dux (I think that's how it was spelled), which reminded me of the same thing.  After lunch, we walked around Hillsboro, visited a cool boutique that sells items made by local stay at home moms.  And then we went to the yarn store, and I was good.  I did not purchase anything, even though I wanted to.  Paul was very proud of me.

Last night was our HOA meeting.  I left E and Paul alone for two hours and they did well.  The first time I left them alone, E wouldn't take a bottle for anything.  Paul was shaking the milk into her open mouth as she screamed.  This time, it was much better.  When I came home, they were sitting on the couch talking to each other.  It was so sweet.  I love them.  At night, when we're all in bed together, the rhythm of their breathing puts me to sleep.  I can't imagine life without them.

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