Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nesting, and other random thoughts.

I've been reading in every book, website, billboard, etc. that I should have the nesting instinct by now -- the urge to clean the house to get ready for the baby. Apparently, I'm not going to be a good mom because the only instinct I have is to sleep. I definately have a desire to have a clean house -- I look at the cat hair collecting on the rug in the living room and I think "that really needs to be vacuumed." I don't, however, actually get the vacuum out and use it. Instead, I change the channel on the tv and eat another handful of popcorn. Oh, and that's another thing that seems to be collecting on the living room rug...

My friend Janet had her baby the other day. He was 9 pounds, 6 ounces. That's one big baby.

This Friday is my last doctor's appointment before I start going every week. That's a little exciting. We're also going to the labor & delivery class this weekend. We're doing the intensive weekend seminar rather than the boring once a week for 6 weeks classes. We went to a breastfeeding class earlier this month where I learned that the only way to really learn how to breastfeed is by breastfeeding -- kinda like backpacking a long distance trail.

The cats are getting needier as the due date approaches. I think they can sense their impending doom -- they will no longer be #1 in the household. It's so sad for them.

I have a lot of pictures on my camera -- mostly from my baby shower. Some day I'll get those off and post them. I got lots of cool and cute gifts from my friends, and next Friday, my work friends are throwing me a shower, too!