Monday, January 3, 2011


I just received the most awesome Christmas present from my sister -- a seltzer maker, called sodastream. When I was pregnant with E, I craved seltzer like a mad woman. All there is to drink in Portland is "sparkling water," which sucks. It has absolutely no fizz. To top it off, most sparkling water beverages around here are sweetened. That ain't seltzer. There were many times I asked Paul to fly to New York to get me real seltzer.

I no longer have to. I can make my seltzer as fizzy or as flat as I want. AND, if it loses its fizz, I can re-fizz it. How freakin' awesome is that? I made a bottle, drank a few sips and burped the biggest burp in the world. Ahhhh, so refreshing. Paul tried it, and made a funny face. He just doesn't understand the appeal of seltzer. I guess you just need to be an east coaster.

The box I got came with various flavors to add to the fizzy water. You can make actual sodas. Unfortunately, they're all sweetened with splenda, which is something I won't touch. But there are flavored stevia drops that you can get. I made some vanilla soda from some drops we had, which wasn't bad. It also came with unsweetened flavors, which will make some nice flavored real seltzer that I love. I can't wait to make myself a bottle to bring to work tomorrow. YUM!

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