Saturday, February 5, 2011

Naked Baby Party

Tonight I held a naked baby party. Basically, it was a baby clothing exchange, kinda like a naked lady party, where you bring all your old clothes and get new ones. Since a many of my friends working on baby #2 are having opposite gender, it seemed like a good idea. What was great is that I got back some stuff I had given to my neighbor that I didn't realize I'd given her. One was the little ducky hat I'd made. I was thinking about making the ducky socks that go with it, but didn't know what I'd done with the hat. I'm glad I got it back!

I also got a ton of 2T clothes for E. That was nice, since she's kind of lacking in the clothing department lately. She has clothes, but I often find myself digging in the dryer desperately searching for a clean pair of pants.

For L, I got a ridiculous amount of clothing. I don't think I will need any clothes for this kid until he's over a year. That's very nice.

It was an extremely successful clothing exchange, and we have a couple bags of clothes to donate to Community Action, which is nice. On Monday, I'll drop the bags off at the Head Start center where I used to work. Janet took a few bags home to drop off at the main office in Hillsboro.

It's nice to be rid of some clutter, though I now have a giant bag of clothing sitting in the middle of my living room floor. I don't think I actually got rid of anything. I think I just traded the same exact amount of crap. Sigh.

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