Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fifteen Weeks

I'm fifteen weeks pregnant, and the baby is the length of a Kit-Kat Bar. I've finally figured out how to take my vitamins without burping up fish oil all day. I didn't have this problem last time, but every time I take that darn fish oil pill, I burp up fish taste all day, which pretty much makes me want to barf. This morning, I took all my vitamins before eating, and burped up the delicious taste of my breakfast. Ahhh... it only took how long to figure this out? Of course, for a while, if I took the vitamins on an empty stomach, I'd immediately barf them up, so that's my excuse.

I have been trying to feel movements in my belly, but so far I've felt nothing. A few times I've thought "Oh, that's it," and then I fart. Sigh. I guess when the kid gets a little bigger than a stupid candy bar.

Speaking of candy bars, I ate a shit-load of chocolate at Whole Foods today. There was a sampling table, but nobody was running it, so I took my share, and Paul's share and E's share, and the Belchigator 2's share. HA! If Paul hadn't circled back around to check on me, I would've finished off what was there. I have not wanted any sweets this entire pregnancy, but for some reason, the cherry almond dark chocolate called to me this evening. And the Orange, the Mint, and whatever other flavors they had out. I'm guessing it's because dark chocolate has antioxidants, which are good for growing babies. Yeah. That must be it.

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  1. I can so sympathise! I have been told to take an iron supplement but the one I bought just tasted so revolting I ended up throwing it up everywhere and then the taste it left in my mouth made me throw up more. I think I have fixed the problem by switching to another brand of supplement thank goodness!
    Oh the joys of pregnancy!