Monday, May 11, 2009

Six Month Well Baby

Today was E's 6 month well baby exam.  She's doing well - in the 75th percentile for height and weight.  The doctor also approved her for riding in a pull-behind bike trailer, so when we are ready to make the big purchase, she's good to go!

We had a little vaccination snafu, which made Dr. Kawahara very upset.  Probably because she's the one ultimately responsible if I were to be severely pissed off.  It seems that at the last well baby exam, E got the polio vaccination instead of dTaP.  The alternative vaccination schedule that we had decided on had never made it into her chart, so what I thought was dTaP, was really polio.  Luckily for Dr. Kawahara, my main concern is the amount of vaccines at one time, not necessarily the particular vaccine.  Of course, if this had been HepB, Chickenpox or MMR, I may have reacted a bit differently.  She was originally scheduled to get polio at 9 months, so we just changed the third dTaP to that appointment and everything is fine.  I had also brought a copy of the vaccination schedule with me today, so we got it scanned into her online chart so we won't have this problem again.  So today we had dTaP and HIB.  E didn't react at all to the dTaP shot, but the HIB made her scream worse than any other time before.  I nurse her while she gets her shots so she has something happy to do when the pain comes.  Last month when she got her first HIB, she was a little upset, but she was able to go right back to nursing.  This time, she didn't seem to care that there was a boob in her mouth.  Poor baby.  Once the screaming finished and she went back to nursing, all was right with the world again.  We set up our appointments for 7 month vaccines and 9 month well baby, then went to the grocery shopping before coming home for a nap.  She's never had much grogginess with vaccines, so I'm sure she'll nap her usual 45 minutes today.

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