Monday, April 6, 2009

Five Months

So it looks like I'm updating once a month, and if I end up getting cut off to change a diaper or nurse, I won't even finish my thought on an entry.  I will try not to do that, but life with an infant is living in the moment.

This month has been full of fun events!  E is sitting up well, her Grandma & Grampa Galli came to visit, and she has begun teething.  When those pesky teeth that wake her up in the middle of the night will show themselves is the mystery.  Until that time, we have frozen pacifiers, teething rings in the fridge, and homeopathic teething drops to get us through.

We're in the home stretch for solid foods, just waiting for her to grab ours to let us know she's ready.  I made a bunch of baby food with some friends of mine, and we have a bunch waiting for her in the freezer -- carrots, pears, green beans, pumpkin & squash, broccoli, chicken and potatoes.  It will be fun to take pictures and videos when she starts in on those foods.Smile

Spring has finally come to the NW, so we're taking more walks, which E loves.  On Saturday, we spent the entire day outside, playing disc golf and walking.  Not once did she act like her teeth were bothering her.  She is an outdoor girl!

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