Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Four Months Already?!?!

First of all, I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I journaled.  Secondly, I can't believe E is 4 months old already!  It's gone by so quickly.  I'm just happy that I don't have to go back to work until July, so I get 4 more months to hang out with her and watch her grow.

Some of her newest developments have been sitting, laughing and blowing raspberries.  She seriously hates to be in a reclined position.  If I put her in her swing or bouncy seat, she will try to get herself into an upright position.  We had been putting her in the swing during dinner time, to keep her happy, but had to put a pillow behind her so she could sit upright.  We finally decided it was time to get a high chair to bring her to the table with us.  We looked on Craigslist for a used one, and the least expensive we could find was $25.  We found a new one for $25 at IKEA, and it's pretty simple and doesn't take up much space.  She LOVES it!  We put her in there for dinner, and she plays with her toys and "talks" to us as we enjoy our dinner without any crying or whining.

We've also begun to put her in the Kelty backpack for walks.  Paul likes it better than the sling.  I think it's because of where you carry the weight.  I like the sling better because I can hold her close to my body.  I'm not sure if she has a preference.  She falls asleep quite easily in both.

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