Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amnio Results & 2nd Ultrasound (AKA 4th Month Freak-Out)

I have been a bad, bad blogger. I had every intention of logging every feeling, every crazy dream, every kick from this baby... and here it is, a month later, and I'm finally posting something. I think it was mainly because of work. When I was so sick for the first trimester, I got pretty far behind, so I had to put in extra time to catch up before school let out last week. Now that I'm out for the summer, I have time to sit and reflect... and complain about the baby jumping on my bladder...

We got the amnio results back a couple weeks ago. Everything looks good, and it's been confirmed that the Belchigator is a girl. Currently the name that is the front runner is Emily Rose. I was excited for about 2 days after the amnio results came back. I was even ready to walk into that God-forsaken store called "Babies R Us" when reality set in and I had a minor freak out. Suddenly, I didn't want to have a baby. I wanted to go travel in Europe. I wanted to hike the CDT. I wanted to live alone with my husband and no other responsibilities. I seriously was not excited about having a baby.

And then I had a fat freak-out. I dreamt that I grew udders and that my husband left me for skinnier women. I cried whenever I had a late-night food craving, and whenever I got on the scale. I told everyone who rubbed my belly or told me that I was beginning to look pregnant that it was just fat.

I finally confided in Paul over the weekend. He couldn't understand why I didn't tell him sooner. Well duh, wasn't I the one who insisted that I get pregnant before I turned 35? And so I had another freak out that I forced him into it.

But now I'm all better. I actually like my kid now (though I can do without the fact that I have to pee every 3.7 minutes because my bladder is her trampoline). We're going to the coast today (just me & her) to spend some quality time in a yurt, reading, knitting, letterboxing, listening to my I-Pod, hiking, basking in the sun, etc. It should be fun. I should probably start packing.

We had our second ultrasound yesterday. It was much granier than the first, and the kid was not cooperative. She kept moving around and covering her face with her hands so we couldn't get good profile or face shots. She's a little big for her age (the ultrasound tech says about 3 days bigger) and she weighs 14 ounces. I guess the other 9 pounds I've gained are in my boobs...

Here are the pictures.

Waving "Hi!"
A foot

Her bum

Facing down

Facing up -- hands covering her face so you can't get a good profile.

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