Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ultrasound & Amnio

Today was our Amnio day. I was terrified -- mostly of the needle. For some reason I've felt good about this pregnancy, even though I'm surrounded by children with various birth defects and issues at work. We got tons of pictures from the ultrasound, and the amnio went smoothly. The biggest concern in amnios is that the baby will be curious and swim over to the needle to check it out, which makes it take longer. That sucks, because through the entire procedure, the uterus is contracting like crazy to get the foreign object the fuck out of there. Once the needle was out, it took about 30 seconds for the uterus to calm down, and then I got a shot of rhogam in my hip since I'm O-. That wasn't as bad as I was expecting, either, and the nice thing is that I've been ordered to be a princess for two whole days! Sweet!

Here are pics of the baby from the ultrasound:

Happy profile view...

The picture of the face looks a little devilish. It's definately our spawn!

This is a blurry shot of a foot. The baby was moving around a lot!

I call this one "Free Darfur!" It's the angry fist.

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