Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Re-Commitment Time

This Saturday marks the half-way point of the Team Challenge training for the half marathon in Las Vegas.  I joined the team about a month after everyone else, so this isn't my true halfway point.

Still, this is the weekend where we decide, are we in or are we out?  Have we been able to raise enough funds that looking toward what we have left to raise and the amount of time we have to do so, do we think it's possible?  Do we have what it takes?

Part of Re-commitment is handing over your credit card and saying "I'll cover what isn't" when fundraising time is over.

As I ask myself these questions, I wonder why there is even a question.

When I joined Team Challenge, it wasn't because I needed to find a cause to support.  It wasn't because I wanted a trip to Vegas.  It wasn't even for the awesome running coach I don't have to pay for.

I joined Team Challenge because I have seen first-hand how people with IBD suffer.  The pain and physical discomfort are just the tip of the iceberg.  And because it's a digestive issue, it's often too embarrassing to talk about.  I have mostly kept the nitty gritty to myself, for Paul's sake.  But it's time to re-commit, and it's time to think about why I chose to take on this challenge and why I would continue on.

1.  The face he gives me when I'm on the toilet and he needs to use it.  Nobody should ever have to contemplate having to ask their spouse to vacate the toilet or shit their pantsNobody.

2.  The number of conversations we've had about poop that have nothing to do with my teaching, thru-hiking, or our children.

3.  The medicines and their weird side effects - vision problems, migraines, diarrhea (How do you know you're getting better?  Because it's not bloody?).

4.  The various diets and food modifications we have made (dairy free, gluten free, Paleo, SCD, Low-FOD Map, etc.) that have become more and more restrictive.

5.  Going out to a restaurant with the family and hearing him say "Nothing for me," because there really is nothing he can order off the menu.

6.  Being bombarded with suggestions by well-meaning friends who think it's as easy as [insert random, relatively unhelpful but well-meaning suggestion here].  If only it was so simple.

7. The increased risk for colon cancer.

8.  Knowing there is a genetic component, and not wanting this for my precious babies.

So, will I re-commit?  Will I hand over my credit card and say I'll cover what isn't when the deadline rolls around? Is it worth that much to me?

It's worth that much, and so much more, which is why I already have.

My question now is.... Will you?

Join me in fighting for this cause, honoring Paul and the 1.4 million others with this disease.  And if I can't convince you, take a look at these adorable little kids and try to tell them no.

Help our daddy beat UC!

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